Sunday, June 23, 2013

Conflict Teasers - Three Shorts of Paige and Daemon...

Teaser #1 -

       Daemon eventually stirred and grabbed my chin to pull my face to his. “That was…incredible.” His voice was gritty as he spoke. His hand reached out and rubbed along marks on the upper parts of my legs. He chuckled before saying, “I’m afraid I may have marked you on the counter.”

       My eyebrows shot up as I looked at the line running across my legs and I hurriedly looked at my hands to see if they also had a mark. Angry red lines ran two paths along my hands and I held them up to show Daemon. A wicked grin came over his mouth and he bent his head to softly kiss both hands. “Those are the most beautiful marks I have ever seen.”

       I was confused by his statement and I looked at him in silent query. He chuckled. “They are evidence of the fact that you followed my instructions.” His brow arched up into an arrogant peak and one side of his mouth quirked. “I love nothing more than when you listen to me without arguing.”

Teaser #2 -

       “I love how your body reacts when I’m near. Almost like it knows it belongs to me.” He looked up into my eyes and tapped me softly on the head with his finger. “Too bad that other pesky part disagrees.” He smiled such a boyish grin that I couldn’t help but melt right there in front of him. There were so many facets to this complex man and I enjoyed discovering the new and unique personas that formed him. This particular part was his playful side. This was the bright and charming persona, the one that could convince me to do just about anything, as long as it would please him.

        I looked down as I blushed.  I peeked back to him from under my lashes and said, “When I met you, I discovered there was a total disconnect between my head and, well, the rest of me. It’s actually quite aggravating when I’m mad at you and my skin is trying to detach itself from me just to be closer to you.”

Teaser #3 -

       “Take it out on me, Paige.”

        My brows pulled together in confusion at his request and he stepped closer before explaining. He was barely brushing up against me when he said, “Your anger, your frustration, your pain...take it out on me. Let me be your outlet.”

        I was knocked back by his words. What did he want me to do? I didn’t understand the strange request he was making and I remained quiet as I tried to make sense of what he was saying. His close proximity put me at eye level with his smooth chest and I had to look up to catch his eyes.

        “I don’t understand what you want me to do, Daemon. Do you want me to fight you? Somehow I think that could be dangerous while we are both naked and soaking wet in the shower.” My voice was husky and raw and my body was absolutely on fire for him. Just staring at the water as it streamed along the ridges of his muscular body was igniting within me such desire, that the anger and frustration that had earlier consumed me was being smothered and extinguished.

        Daemon reached down, grabbed my hands and placed them flat against his rock hard chest. I could feel the strong, rhythmic beat of his heart. He held my hands in place as he said, “Scream at me, hit me, scratch me, kick me, fuck me…it doesn’t matter as long as I can help take some of that pain and frustration out of you. I don’t care what you do to me, Paige, just as long as you’re with me. Use me anyway you need, just never leave.” He leaned down to place a kiss on the top of my head. His forehead rested on mine when he continued. “Promise me, Paige, that you’ll never let me go. I don’t think I could survive it.”


  1. Control is absolutely awesome! One of the best books that I have read this year! I am anxiously awaiting Conflict and thank you so much for not making me wait a year for it to come out! I won Control in a giveaway from you and I could not have won or even paid for a better book! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. You are very welcome. I'm really pleased to hear that you liked it!!!