Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Second Preview of Control: Introducing Annie, Alex and David!

            David turned to look at me and his face was a mixture of disgust and apprehension.  I raised my eyebrows at him in question and he used his head to indicate in the direction of the living room.  I heard Alex introducing himself to Annie’s boyfriend and Annie giggled again.  Alex came into the kitchen to join David and me.

            Using his thumb to point back in the direction of the living room, Alex asked, “What the hell is that?”

            David turned to Alex with a scorned look.  That is Annie’s new boyfriend Chris.  He’s a 36 year old loser who works at the local flea market as a janitor.  He’s not going to be able to work for the next four to six weeks because of his injury and he’s already convinced Annie that she should loan him some money to help with his bills.  Annie thinks he’s gorgeous and believes she is in love with him.  They’ve know each other for a little over twenty-four hours and he’s convinced her to give him four thousand dollars!  Have I done a good job in explaining what that is?”

            Alex’s eyebrows shot up and I dropped my face into my palm and groaned.  I began shaking my head in silent protest.  I looked back up at David and he looked like he was about to explode.  I turned to Alex to ask his opinion.

            “So, is he a bad looking guy?”

            David let out an insulted gasp. “Well, if any man in this room should be judging the beauty contest, it should be me.  He’s not a bad looking guy, it’s just that his personality is obnoxious and he is an obvious mooch.  Poor Annie is completely smitten with this guy and she has no clue that he’s using her.  I mean, what kind of person asks another person to borrow money within twenty-four hours of meeting them?”

            I thought that over for a moment and then voiced my guess. “A bank customer?”

            Alex laughed and David gave him a pointed glare. “Oh sure, chuckle it up chuckles, but while you’re busy finding this amusing, we’ve got a serious problem in there. What are we going to do about this?!”

            I crossed my arms over my chest and huffed out a breath. “Unfortunately, Annie is a grown woman.  If she wants to give her money to some guy, the only thing we can do is suggest against it.  She’s ultimately the one who will make that decision and there’s nothing we can do to prevent her from making that mistake.”

            David shot his head towards me. “Nothing you can do?  Are you kidding me?!  We can lock her in her room, take shifts watching her, deny her outside communication and internet access, and install a two way key lock and not give her the key.  There’s plenty we can do.  My question is, just how far are we willing to go to keep her from doing this?”

            Alex patted David on the back. “How will Annie go to work if we have her locked up?”

            David put his finger to his mouth to think about what Alex said and then responded. “I’ll tell them she’s ill.  I’ll take over her cases until she comes to her senses and then she can have them back when she gets over this idiot.” He gave Alex a thumbs up. “Good attention to detail.” He turned to me. “Paige you should take some notes from Alex’s good thinking.  It might help you out in that investigation career of yours.”

            I uncrossed my arms and pushed myself up from the counter.  “I guess I need to go in there to see what we are dealing with.  Maybe if I can find enough issues with the way he looks I can appeal to Annie’s superficial side.”

            David pointed to the living room.  “Go.”

            I sighed and turned toward the living room. “No problem.  I’ll just go in there and take control of this situation.”

            I took a few steps towards the room when I heard a low moan and a high pitched sigh.


            I turned around.  “Um, no.  I’m not going in there.”

            Alex tried to suppress a grin while David acted like he was dry-heaving over the sink; well, at least I think he was acting.  I walked back over to where they were standing and hopped up to sit on the counter.  “Guess we’ll be here for a while.”

            David finished hacking up his hairball, looked up from the sink and stamped his foot.  “Oh no, I am not getting stuck in the kitchen while she gets her dirty going on the living room couch!”  David marched into the living room and cleared his throat loudly. “Excuse me!  Could you two possibly stop licking, and tugging and touching all over the community seating area?  There are other people here, although I can understand how it would be difficult to know that with your eyes closed and your tongues shoved down each other’s throats.”  David crossed his arms and   forcefully nodded his head. “Now have some decorum people and stop pretending like you are horny teenagers in the living room.”

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